So what is this project?

I have always been a Beach Boys fan but have for the most part just listened to their hits, aside from owning Little Deuce Coupe and Surfer Girl years ago. Just recently I have had the urge listen to The Beach Boys but couldn’t find any of their stuff in my CD collection – funny how CDs have a habit of just going missing! Anyway, I looked online and after deciding against a Best Of, I thought about getting the Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys
boxset, but at £38 I figured I may as well get all the albums, especially as they have been released as 2 album discs for only £5 each.

So, with that in mind I ordered the first 2 albums by way of this awesome; Surfin’ Safari/Surfin’ U.S.A. CD. It has been despatched so I will have it very soon.

My plan is to make my way through the whole Beach Boys discography by ordering these two album sets one at a time and so as to give myself time to listen to and appreciate one as I get them. I have started this blog to keep track of progress, both for myself and on the off chance that someone may surf on and find this of any interest at all!


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