GuilFest ’09 – I’m going to see Brian Wilson!

Whenever I’ve seen Brian Wilson billed to appear previously, in concert or at a festival, I’ve never been able to go – schedule clash or having nobody to go with being the usual reasons why not. I’m not one to go to these things alone so I do need a companion! Last Monday I was looking at Brian’s website ( and noticed that he is playing at the GuilFest Music Festival on July 11th in Guildford, which isn’t too far from me. To cut what could be a long story short, I’m going! Yes, at last I am going to see the legend that is Brian Wilson. Quick plug for the friend I am going with who is an awesome cook and writes Grub Blog.



Brian is doing a few dates in Europe as part of what is billed as a Greatest Hits tour, which for someone such as myself who hasn’t seen him before, is awesome news. I’ll get to hear both Brian Wilson solo material and some fantastic classic Beach Boys songs.

To say I am excited is an under-statement, only 50 days to go!



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2 responses to “GuilFest ’09 – I’m going to see Brian Wilson!

  1. ShakeilaNeedham

    wats up want to talk to u

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