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Shut Down Volume 2 – “Mickey Mouse with a sore throat, ahh no, man!”

Shut Down Volume 2

Shut Down Volume 2

This is actually the 5th album released by the Beach Boys though it has been paired with the 3rd album (Surfer Girl/Shut Down, Vol. 2) for these double disc releases because of the cross-over in tracks between Surfer Girl and Little Deuce Coupe, the 4th Beach Boys album.

When I first heard Cassius Love vs. Sonny Wilson I had three theories:

  1. This was poking fun at some criticism from critics
  2. It was born out of an actual conflict between the band members
  3. It was just a bit of fun and something different for the album

It seems option 3 was the correct answer! I laugh every time I hear this, though I understand it has been criticised as just being filler.

When listening to this album I have thought that it sounds really good and makes this 2-disc release a high quality one, though thinking back I can’t actually recollect any songs apart from Fun, Fun, Fun, Don’t Worry Baby, Shut Down, Part II, Louie Louie, Denny’s Drums and the aforementioned Cassius Love vs. Sonny Wilson. Ok, that’s actually more than I thought when I started writing and I am almost sure I can hear The Warmth of the Sun too, which is the song that Brian wrote after hearing of JFK’s assassination.

I find Denny’s Drums a strange inclusion – I have nothing against drum solos but this isn’t particularly impressive! I wonder if it was included in light of Dennis’s status as the group’s heartthrob?

Louie Louie has some quite strange ‘dum dum dums’ which I am guessing are courtesy of Mike Love. I didn’t know what to make of this cover at first but I quite like it now, I think!?

Can’t say I understand the concept of Shut Down, Part II being an instrumental. If Shut Down was an instrumental too it would have made sense.

Little Deuce Coupe/All Summer Long is next for me, when get around to sending me a replacement as the first copy came smashed up and with the front of the case and the inlay book missing!


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Surfer Girl – ‘When I get rubber in all four gears’

Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl

The title of this post is a line from Little Deuce Coupe which was actually a B-Side to the title track of Surfer Girl, unsurprisingly called Surfer Girl! This particular line reminded me that my first car had just 4 gears, and at the tender age of 34, I feel like I’m getting old! Strangely enough I have a later Beach Boys album called Little Deuce Coupe – I’m guessing it was so popular as a B-Side they decided to release as the title track of a new album.

Compared to the first two albums, Surfin’ Safari/Surfin’ U.S.A. CD, Surfer Girl features a lot more lead vocals by Brian Wilson, and even one song where he shares lead vocals with his brother Dennis; Surfer’s Rule, which is a song I imagined to be about a rule of surfing, but is actually about surfers ruling – you follow me?

I really like this album – there’s a nice mix of ballads and faster tracks with the sublime In My Room sticking out as a favourite. There is a German version of this song included as a bonus track on this particular release and I’ve never hear the German language sounding so sweet. Though Surfer Girl is the title track I don’t think of it as anywhere as mainstream as In My Room and Little Deuce Coupe.

For a band that will always be linked with surfing, they outdo even themselves with the first 5 songs on the album being about surfing, only to be broken up by Little Deuce Coupe and in My Room before moving on to the funky Hawaii, which I really like.

The Rocking Surfer and Boogie Woodie are the two instrumentals of the album and are both really good, in fact this whole album is pretty damn great and top to bottom the best I have heard so far – remember I’m going chronologically for this project so don’t throw Pet Sounds at me yet!


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Sufin’ Safari and Surfin’ U.S.A. arrive, more ordered

This blog post is a little late coming as I have been off on holiday this week and it was my little boys first birthday this past Wednesday, needless to say my time was taken up with lots of toddler based activities.

Surfin’ Safari/Surfin’ U.S.A. CD are the first 2 Beach Boys albums and they make up the first double album CD which arrived late last week. I’ve taken a few photos to showcase how the albums are presented, starting with the CD insert which has the Sufin’ Safari album front cover on the front and the Surfin’ U.S.A. album front cover on the back of the insert.

Album Sleeves

Album Sleeves

The inside front cover is what I am guessing is the reverse of the original Surfin’ Safari album sleeve, and this is something I will have to confirm at some point. The first page is a passage written by Brian Wilson, about the album, from 1990.

Sleeve reverse & Brian Wilson speaks!

Sleeve reverse & Brian Wilson speaks!

The inside back cover and last page of the insert are the same as previously described but for Surfin’ U.S.A.

I have only listened to each album once so far, but what I have heard I have enjoyed, a lot. From these initial listens I’d say Surfin’ U.S.A. is my favourite of the two and I especially like the instrumentals. I recognise Miserlou from pulp Fiction, though on further investigation I found out that it’s Dick Dale’s original recording of Misirlou (wonder why The Beach Boys changed the second ‘i’ for an ‘e’) that is used in the 1994 Quentin Tarentino film.

So, my first impressions of Surfin’ Safari/Surfin’ U.S.A. CD are very good, but I want to listen to them a few more times before I move onto the next albums, which incidentally I have ordered some of already, namely Surfer Girl/Shut Down, Vol. 2, Little Deuce Coupe/All Summer Long, Today!/Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) and Smiley Smile/Wild Honey – I had some vouchers to use!

One thing that confuses me a little is that the original release of Shut Down, Vol 2 was 1964 and but it is twinned with Surfer Girl which was released in 1963, and Little Deuce Coupe was also released in 1963 – so these releases seem to not be in chronological order. Surfer Girl should be twinned with Little Deuce Coupe and Shut Down, Vol 2 should be twinned with All Summer Long. I might to have do some investigation to see why this is so!

I also have 2 Brian Wilson CDs which I will listen to only after I have completed The Beach Boys Discography Project. I got given Pet Sounds Live and I found That Lucky Old Sun for just £2.99 so got that too.

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